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Nearly two million children under five are currently at risk of starvation in Somalia. A major food crisis is looming due to a deadly combination of drought and rising food prices. We urgently need funds to reach many more children across Somalia.


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UN declares Somalia famine
The United Nations has declared a famine in two areas of southern Somalia as it suffers the worst drought in more than half a century

"If we don't act now, famine will spread to all eight regions of southern Somalia within two months, due to poor harvests and infectious disease outbreaks," the head of the agency Mark Bowden warned.

The UN said the humanitarian situation in southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle had deteriorated rapidly. It is the first time that the country has seen famine in 19 years. Meanwhile, the UN and US have said aid agencies need further safety guarantees from armed groups in Somalia to allow staff to reach those in need.


Horn of Africa drought: Survival of the fittest
Weheleey Osman Haji gave birth after trekking for 22 days, still far from help

"It's a matter of life and death," says Weheleey Osman Haji, a day after giving birth near the Kenyan border town of Liboi.

She and her five other children arrived in Kenya after trekking for several weeks from their homeland in Somalia, whose ongoing conflict has left it the country least able to cope with the Horn of Africa's worst drought in 60 years. The 33 year old has named her new baby Iisha, which loosely translates as "life".